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  • Geranium pink
  • Geranium pink
  • Geranium pink
  • Geranium pink
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  • MOM wrap bag

MOM with hemp 15-1922 (Geranium Pink)


Versatile minimalist baby wrap with a hemp

• lighter version with a hemp
• 60% cotton, 40% hemp
• aprox. 270 g/m² pre-wash
• suitable from newborns to toddlers
• including free MOM ring and MOM square transformable into a minimalist wrap bag
• designed and made in Czech Republic
We invite you to discover our minimalist MOM universe, all details about MOM concept, MOM wraps and about babywearing.
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Because a babywearing world is flooded by an infinite sea of bold designs and colours, in elusive blends and complicated games, we came to save it with minimalist baby wrap.

We offer simplicity. We are here for those, who desire not to be tortured by studying of weights, blends and neverending searching for complicated ornaments, figures and buyonant flower patterns of unbelievable colours.

After years of experimenting we enlightened. You need just one perfect all cotton wrap. Nothing more. And we have it for you. We solved all the confusion with a material, weight and design for you, you just need to choose your favourite colour. Please spend the time we saved to you with your family.

(If you do not listen to the warnings we give and you decide to dedicate your free time to wraps, go to OMNIFERA, they have one of the best wraps of a babywearing heaven.)



We are “enfant terrible” of OMNIFERA

MOM = Minimal OMnifera


For a basic Front wrap cross carry:

  • size 7 (lenght 5,2m) – clothing size 44 EU and bigger
  • size 6 (lenght 4,7m) – clothing size 38 EU – 42 EU
  • size 5 (lenght 4,2m) – clothing size 34 EU – 38 EU

These sizes are a general recommendation. It can vary depending on your proportions and height.

Size 6 is a standard size and is good to start with if you are new to babywearing.

Shorter wraps are recommended in case you are experimenting with other carries that need less wrap length.

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg

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